I continue to collaborate with German Historian Irmtrud Wojak on the FB LIBRARY / DATABASE OF REMEMBRANCE AND HUMAN RIGHTS. (The project is named in honor of German jurist and campaigner for human rights Dr. Fritz M. Bauer.)

As part of this project, we hope to cultivate a series of creative works. To find information on that “Library Within a Library” go here:


On April 23-24 (2018) I will be co-leading a two-day Exploratory Seminar at Harvard University dedicated to studying the following key questions related to the project:

What tools and methods would make a school curriculum that generates moral and intellectual bravery workable?

What are the obstacles to telling unique stories of resistance effectively, and how might they be surmounted via documentation and narrative ingenuity?

Whereas the academic rule of thumb is impartiality, and impartiality is in some cases impossible to attain, how might stories be told as fairly and fully as possible?

What are the uses of identifying universal parallels between acts and tactics of resistance originating in vastly different regional contexts?

What organizations should we align with to achieve our goals?

When should verification of a story of resistance be considered complete?

How best can we attract users to a definitive database / library of resistance stories?

How does the power of Big Data work for, or against, the vital telling of the stories of individuals who exist as names rather than numbers—people who often are inspired to act not only by tragic facts but also by pre-existing intellectual, spiritual or emotional concerns?

Can truth-tellers and truth-telling organizations be effectively protected against cyber-attacks and campaigns of misinformation?

What are the connections between resistance to injustice and physical and mental health?

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