“Cage Dies Bird Flies” is a collaborative project of large-scale black and white paintings and drawings by artist Dale Williams ( based on few-word stories by me.

Each of the 85 paintings presents a unique typography integrated into imagery inspired by the stories. The project has been developed for exhibition, sound recording, performance, and publication.

Dale and I have been invited to premiere the work at the annual Black Mountain {Re}HAPPENING festival on April 5th. The plan is to ferry texts by canoe from an island in the middle of Lake Eden to a boathouse on the edge of campus, a journey replicating the primal process of creation–that improbable and mysterious movement of ideas from far murky regions of consciousness to a waiting audience. In the image-draped boathouse a text will be performed every five minutes for four hours. We are currently in training for this.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit: