Soon Pandemonium Logs: Sioux Falls 2020-2022 will be released by Raritan Skiff Books, an imprint of Rutgers University Press.

One description of the project goes like this:

In 2015, Ben Miller and Anne Pierson Wiese, moved from NYC to

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to explore their midwestern roots and

to focus on writing projects. Working a day job in a hospital,

Miller had a front-row seat to the Covid-19 pandemic as it moved

from the coasts to the Upper Midwest. Spanning March 2020

to January 2022 and taking the form of documentary-style notes,

Pandemonium Logs casts an unflinching eye on the state of

the US healthcare system during a global pandemic, giving voice

to the doctors, nurses, patients, and families at the center of the

crisis and raising crucial questions about medical ethics, regional

divides, and the human cost of organizational malfunction.


From 1968 until July 31, 2022, I had one librarian.

At the start, when I was five, racing into the Davenport Public Library weekly, the overdue fines piled up fast. But Miss. Murray never refused to check out a book to me. She kept a quiet tally, trusting someday I would settle up.

More than fifty years later, she was still on the job, aiding research involved in writing projects, sending me notes like this:

“The Special Collections Department had the enclosed information I thought you would like to have.”

Rochelle played an important role in the local writing community that offered me a safe and inspiring haven when I had no other hopeful place to go as a troubled teenager in Urban Iowa. She was a staunch advocate of literacy, a gentle warrior the world is weaker without.

To read more about her remarkable life, follow the link below.