Four pages from a book-length project The Extravagant Art of Seeing: Thoughts While Tearing Up a Novel Late One Night (an essay enacted) can be found in print issue four of Inverted Syntax.

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From 1968 until July 31, 2022, I had one librarian.

At the start, when I was five, racing into the Davenport Public Library weekly, the overdue fines piled up fast. But Miss. Murray never refused to check out a book to me. She kept a quiet tally, trusting someday I would settle up.

More than fifty years later, she was still on the job, aiding research involved in writing projects, sending me notes like this:

“The Special Collections Department had the enclosed information I thought you would like to have.”

Rochelle played an important role in the local writing community that offered me a safe and inspiring haven when I had no other hopeful place to go as a troubled teenager in Urban Iowa. She was a staunch advocate of literacy, a gentle warrior the world is weaker without.

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Recently I had a wide-ranging conversation addressing various literary projects with Vick Mickunas, host of the NPR author interview show Book Nook.

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“The Sweet Science of Socks”—an extended meditation on the craft of marriage—appears in the Summer 2022 issue of New England Review.

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