ICBM bonbons

Definition: eye-see-bee-em bon-bons, noun, plural:

1. Cold War candy marketed by various U.S. Presidents.

2. Healthy defense contractor profit margins

3. Employment for thousands of American citizens.

4. Deterers of global annihilation.

5. Assurers of global annhilation.


Nixon grinned like the proprietor of a twenty-four-hour candy shop–and the darndest thing happened behind that enamel curtain, involving salivary glands and glottal stops. The name of each tool of absolute destruction came out sounding like a mouthwatering treat. M-3 frappe. F-14 chew. ICBM bonbons. (p. 283, River Bend Chronicle: The Junkification of a Boyhood Idyll amid the Curious Glory of Urban Iowa)



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