4/5 Exit tent, spread arms wide, and begin show, singing: “I am the young walled city…I am the walled city young” / SURPRISES: audience members cradling plastic cups of wine and/or beer barge into tent and must be chased out—collaborators appear in the night, one taking part in the program by saying “frog” again and again; another tipsy NC soul asks if she can roll an apple across the stage and we let her and then she stands beside me, the two of us acting out: “Dumbwaiter breaks 157-year silence…”—I find myself playing the trumpet more than I ever thought I would as Dale croons and dances—I read “rough drafts” of new pieces written since arrival—I read portion of travel diary—there are crowds: they clap, they hoot!—bum left knee holds out…

In the following clip I deliver “Exorcism performed on beaded curtain” :

To view more video documentation of the Cage Dies Bird Flies project, visit the YouTube channel that Dale Williams and I have established:

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