4/5 …wearing drenched red flannel shirt and orange pants, I blow water out of the trumpet as Dale paddles / “You’re worrying me,” he says as I lean way back, lean way forward, imitating Miles Davis at summer camp, the horn farting / after we tie up, I burst dripping out of the boathouse, race back to Studies Building, pile sodden clothes on life jacket in center of room, change, and return to the stage ten minutes before our show-time, exhale / other events are well underway on a clear night: white fabric dangles from tree, dry ice smokes on grass near dining hall, quilt with legs undulates, huge red balloon on a pole flanks entrance road, in The Roundhouse volunteers with mallets bash piano strings, and what appear to be giant hoop skirts (lemon, red, peach) flit around the twilight shore…

In the following clip Dale Williams sings my epic few-word text “Circus runs away from boy”:

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