4/4 Green WARD 3 sign on the door to the suite where our room is / goal: to make the life and the art one—art life, life an art / we begin constructing tent of images slung from boathouse beams, battling wind, visited by Rusty the dog and a boy on a dirt bike, Caleb who tells of the Great-Gatsby-themed New Year’s Eve party his NC parents hosted / another 12 Bones lunch, Whitman’s sampler of flesh: smoked turkey, brisket, pulled chicken, tugged pork / in parking lot gravel near stacks of smokehouse wood (cherry, apple) a kid cries at his parents “Come see my show!” and they ignore him / return to job of building tent and who walks by but an Ohio man wearing a nametag reading MICE; he is staying at the Gray Eagle Lodge, here for a barbershop quartet gathering, and tells me: “When I sing a locked chord I feel it ringing in my core…”

In the following clip Dale Williams performs the blues aria “Walk a mile in my fifteen shoes”:

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