4/3 Lunch at 12 Bones in the Asheville River Arts District: collards, ribs, cheesy grits eaten outdoors off a tin plate at a picnic table under a corrugated roof next to the parking lot, wind whipping dust, gnawing firemen at a nearby table, $1.25 key lime pie / Julia White Jeans at Appalachian Strings in downtown Asheville hands me an upright dulcimer I strum, Ben Ho, yodeling a few bars of “Blue Hawaii” / we tour Thomas Wolfe memorial: I note new darker rocking chairs on porch of Old Kentucky Home donated by famous NC writers (including Clyde Edgerton) and bump into the same jolly lanky guy who gave me the tour last year (he recognizes my tropical shirt) / buy teensy elephant candle at French Broad Co-op plus carrots / pick up magic keys from Erin and Alice at the BMC Museum / computer broken at gas station, I suggest the befuddled cashier jot an old-style receipt on the back of a paper bag, she does / 78 hour Lake Eden odyssey begins! First sight of the stone Round House where Cage premiered “4’33” and the screened-in Dining Hall where Buckminster Fuller acted and De Kooning erected sets. Our keys open the Studies building and the double room with cigarette burns clouding floor wood.

In the following clip Dale Williams and I serenade the campus of the old Black Mountain College with a love song:

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