4 thoughts on “March of the Splendid Bow Ties Inherited From Mr. Hickey: Day 7

  1. Nothing says aplomb quite like a salmon bow tie. Just finished “River Bend Chronicle,” Ben. It is a wonderful book. I see you’ll be at Prairie Lights in Iowa City this summer, and on my birthday no less. Hope to make it there. Cheers!

    • Todd: Great to hear from you. Sorry it took me so long to catch up with this–I prefer letters, actually! Write me at PO box 8499, NY, NY, 10116. I’m thrilled to hear you like my book. I hope you’re still playing guitar and flashing that incredible smile. Ben

      • i too, prefer getting mail other than student loan bills – but these darn interwebs are so convenient and impersonal! 🙂 . i’ll drop you a letter, ben. thanks for replying. i’m trying to talk dan into taking a vacation day and coming down from minneapolis to ic for your reading. i know you have many friends in the ic area, but if you have an hour to have a pint and laugh – that would be so wonderful. best – tr

  2. post script – i don’t “like” your book – i love your book. its genius. part finnegans wake, part kerouac, part steinbeck, and pure ben. i loved it. i laughed, and i cried. hard. for what you went through. what great books do. you have set a high bar for your next one, my friend. more in a physical letter. : i do hope you sent larry minard a comp copy? do you have any interest in reading here in davenport? friends of mine are on the literary panels, etc. more in letter.

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